Six Hundred and Sixty Six Days

Today is a big day. Six hundred and sixty-six days since we opened the doors for y'all. Quite the accomplishment, if you ask us. Now seems like the perfect time to give you a heads up on some things we've got planned for you.

The Cvlt of 2013

The Cvlt of 2013 is about to draw to a close. Existing members have a little under two months to use their free fills and growlers. Get in to the taproom now and make sure you take full advantage of your membership before it expires!

The Cvlts of 2014

In order to continue growing our legion we've decided to create two factions of the Cvlt for 2014.

Ordo Vagabundus Cervisiae 

We still like to keep our growlers accessible to those who know how to treat our beer right. As such we'll be continuing the growler Cvlt as we have since we opened. This year we're looking at a new growler style, and of course brand new art from our resident artist, Sam Turner.

$66. Six free fills. Discounted pricing on our regularly available bottled beers. 333 seats available. Limit two seats per person.

Ordo Utris Cervisiae

With our sour and wild ales program continuing to develop, we figured it was probably time for us to start a reserve program for the diehard acolytes of our Acid Temple. We'll be blending four special beers just for members of this cabal of beer collectors. 
A membership to the OUC will get you two 375ml bottles of each of the four OUC beers. These will only be released to OUC members and will not be available via any other means. We'll be announcing the four beers in the coming weeks. 

$66. Discounted pricing on our regularly available bottled beers. 333 seats available. Limit one seat per person.

Renewals and New Memberships

Renewals for existing Cvlt members will begin on May 20th. Existing members will also have the first crack at memberships to the OUC. On June 21st we'll open up the remaining Cvlt seats to whomever else would like to pledge their oath to our beer. We'll be opening at noon, and the remaining memberships will be first come, first serve.

Second Anniversary Bacchanal

Last year's anniversary show was one for the Denver heavy metal history book. An incredible lineup of local bands absolutely killed it and y'all drank a boatload of our beer.
This year, with the help of our friends at Soda Jerk Presents, we're going to bringing some national acts into the mix as well.  
June 21st we'll be storming the taps at the Marquis Theatre, and Power Trip, Bongripper, Call of the Void, In the Company of Serpents, Khemmis, Stoic Dissention and Catholic Girls will be storming the stage. Faces will melt and ears will bleed. Tickets are on sale now and already moving fast, so head here and pick yours up!