The Acid Temple

It's been almost two years. 
We've already doubled our capacity.
We're about to double it again. 
We have just found the location for our sanctuary sans saccharomyces, our altar of alternative brewing. We have found the Acid Temple. 
Located at 2620 W 2nd Ave, The Acid Temple will be 5,000 square feet dedicated to brewing, aging, and packaging our wild and sour beers. The critters will run wild - with some guidance and influence from us. The pHs will be low. The beers will run the gamut of colors, flavors, and intensities.

Our series of Mythological Occult Ales has been met with great fanfare, but we've barely been able to keep six accounts stocked with them. The Acid Temple will ensure that we have the means to provide you with the sours and wilds you're asking for. 
We hope to be able to give you a tour of the fully operational Acid Temple this summer.