The Cvlt of 2014

In order to further grow our legion of beer-soaked acolytes, we've created two branches of our Cvlt.

Ordo Vagabundus Cervisiae

Our system is really small. So small that if we were to offer growler fills for everyone it'd be pretty likely that we'd be unable to keep all our tap lines flowing. As a result, we offer a limited number of annual memberships to our growler Cvlt.

Every year we work with a local artist to create a set of beautiful limited edition growlers - the kind of growler you want to hand down as a family heirloom.

Memberships in the OVC are $66. Each membership comes with six free fills (limit one free fill per calendar month). You also get discounted pricing on our regularly available bottled beers. There are 333 OVC seats available, with a limit of two seats per person.

Ordo Utris Cervisiae - SOLD OUT FOR 2014

With our sour and wild ale program continuing to develop, we figured it was probably time for us to start a reserve program for the diehard acolytes of our Acid Temple. We'll be blending four special beers just for members of this cabal of beer collectors.

A membership to the OUC will get you two 375ml bottles of each of the four OUC beers. These will only be released to OUC members and will not be available via any other means. Memberships are $66, and give you access to discounted pricing on our regularly available bottled beers. 333 seats are available, with a limit of one seat per person.