What we’re looking for, in broad strokes

We’re looking for a brewer. You will be brewing ales, lagers, and mixed-culture beers, and we expect you to know how to do all of those.
We need someone with enough experience that we can slot you in to our brew schedule almost immediately. We’re not looking to teach you how to make beer. If you have no experience making beer on a commercial level, please do not waste our time. If you’re not into working on making the best beer in Colorado until the point your hands are bloody stumps, then you’re not gonna be a good fit.

Your characteristics

There are certain things we expect of you in this position:

  • Minimum two years brewing experience. This is not an entry-level or training position.
  • You are cleanly and organized – in life and in your paperwork.
  • You must be able to multitask. Racking and cleaning a tank while brewing is a common occurrence. You must be able to handle both simultaneously.
  • You must be able to communicate with your coworkers. You’ll be interfacing with multiple different segments of our business and as such will need to talk to all of them.
  • Being a metalhead is not required, but is a plus.

The minutiae

You will need to know brewing processes from mill to keg, including but not limited to:

  • Grain mill operation and maintenance.
  • Mash chemistry and methods for pH adjustments.
  • Performing cell counts, pitching, harvesting, re-pitching, and managing multiple yeast strains through multiple pitches.
  • Carbonation techniques, both forced and natural.
  • Racking beer.
  • CIP practices.
  • Recipe development.
  • Raw materials inventory management.
  • Beer inventory management.
  • Basic to moderate knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.

The less fun parts of the job

The shitty shit that every brewer gets to do:

  • Lift 55 lb bags of grain and move 165 lb kegs. Every day.
  • Constant walking, standing, listening, talking, bending, reaching, stooping, kneeling, crouching. Occasional climbing, crawling, and running.
  • We, as with all breweries, use hazardous chemicals. You should know how to handle them safely and how to not pour them in, on, or around your face or other sensitive body parts.
  • In our brewery, as with all breweries, we are bringing liquids to a boil. This means there is hot stuff near you. You should know not to touch the hot stuff.
  • Coping with the fact that you will constantly be brewing IPA, and yet will never be brewing enough IPA.

What’s Included

  • Health, dental and vision coverage
  • Unlimited paid time off subject to manager approval
  • Occasional travel
  • Good tunes
  • Good times
  • Rock and roll
  • Some money
  • Beer

Pay extra attention to this following part

We do not accept resumés as part of our application process. Below, you will find a field in which you can write us an open letter. This letter should be written carefully and thoughtfully, and should go over your work experience, skills, goals, and motivations.

TAKE YOUR TIME. Getting a shitty letter in early won't get you as far as a well crafted letter a couple of days later.


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