TRVE Brewing is Starting a Cvlt

Join the Legion

If you’ve swung by our location to check for some progress, you’ll have noticed a lot of changes since we first set foot in here. Lots of progress is being made and we’re getting closer and closer to opening our doors to all of you.

But we have to be honest with you: our three barrel system is pretty small relative to some of the other breweries out there. It’s so small that if we were to offer growler fills for everyone all the time it’d be pretty likely that we’d be unable to keep all our tap lines flowing. We’re pretty sure that would be a lot less fun since we’d have less opportunites to hang out with you. As a result, for our first year we’re offering a limited number of memberships to our Growler Cvlt.

By becoming a Cvlt member, you’re joining an elite legion of beer lovers who will be able to get a growler fill at any time. As if this isn’t pretty rad already, we’re also giving you a fixed price for fills, regardless of the beer we put in there for ya. That price? $7. Yup. Ten more ounces than a bomber for a buck less than you’d pay at the liquor store. A pretty damn good deal. On top of all that, we’re even gonna fill it the first five times for you for free.

If you don’t become a Cvlt member, you’ll still be able to get growlers filled once in a while, but it’s all gonna depend on how stocked up we are.


We’ve partnered with local artist Snowblinded to create a set of beautiful limited edition growlers. These gorgeous beer transporters feature a two color screenprinted illustration and are hand signed and numbered by our brewer and Snowblinded. We’re hoping someday you’ll hand these down to your anklebiters, should you be the breedin’ type.

Why 32 ounce growlers? When’s the last time you ever finished a whole 64 ounce growler by yourself? We feel 32 ounces is the perfect amount of beer to bring home. It makes for a pint for you and a friend, or two pints for yourself – a super manageable amount of beer for a decent evening of drinking. Thirstier? Fill two growlers and you’ve got the same amount as a growler without being limited to a single type of beer. You can always save that second growler for another night as well, without having to worry about it skunking.

To recap, becoming a Cvlt member gets you the following:

  •   A hand numbered and signed growler
  •   Five free refills of your growler
  •   Access to growler fills at any time. $7 a fill regardless of the beer.
  •   Invitations to Cvlt members-only special release events
  •   Some other fun surprises

A year long membership in the Cvlt will only run you $50. A second growler can be bought for an additional $25. We’ll be selling 266 growlers total.

We’re still working out a date where we can throw a big ol’ sale for these, but it should be real soon. We’ll be letting you know when this’ll all go down. We’ll also have our iconic Pintagram shirts on sale as well as our new women’s Sigil shirts. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for more news.

Stay Doomy.