The Cvlt of 2013

The time has come to reaffirm your belief in our beer - to pledge your devotion to our libations. We are ready for current Cvlt members to renew their pledge, and will be welcoming in new initiates to the Cvlt.

This year our growlers will have an incredible new design courtesy of our resident artist, Sam Turner. 


Current members will have from today until June 20th to renew their seats. Because of some of the hiccups our members dealt with early on, we’ll be allowing 2012 members to use their growlers up until the end of July. 

On June 21st at our anniversary party we’ll be distributing the growlers1. We’ll also start selling any unrenewed seats in the Cvlt on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Each Cvlt membership seat will get you a growler and six free fills. We’ll still be doing 32 oz. growlers - 366 of them total.  We’ll still be limiting free fill usage to one per month. Outside of the free fills, all fills will be priced individually for each beer2.

Membership seats will be $66. We kindly ask each person to buy no more than two seats. All sales will be handled at the brewery. 

Stop in, grab a pint or three, and take part in our beer-soaked ritual.

1. We anticipate the anniversary party to be an absolute shitshow, and as such will put the kibosh on growler fills for this day (and this day alone, promise).

2. We saw a significant hike in the cost of ALL our ingredients for 2013. Malt and hops both went up enough for us to not be able to promise fixed price growler fills.