TRVE Brewing and Flatline Audio Present

In the short time we've been open we've been fortunate enough to meet a huge number of people within the heavy metal community that love and support what we're doing at TRVE Brewing. Because of this overwhelming support we decided we wanted to give back to the people working their asses off on the road and around town - writing killer tunes and entertaining the hell out of our beer soaked scene.

Back in the days before TRVE, our owner was lucky enough to meet Dave Otero at a homebrew meetup. Dave is the owner and producer at Flatline Audio, one of the premier studios in the country specializing in all forms of heavy and crushing riffage. Recent discussions led to the idea of a collaboration: hand pick bands and send them up to record at Dave's Studio for no fee whatsoever. Recording time ain't always cheap, and there are killer bands out there fighting tooth and nail just to break even. We wanted to help these people out and get their music heard.  

For our inaugural session, we sent our pals in Black Sleep of Kali up to Flatline to throw down two insane tracks - Judecca and Morbus. They're available for free download right over here.

TRVE and Flatline plan on making this an ongoing collaboration, and are already hunting for the next band to send into the studio. Be ready for more crushing tunes this winter.