sixth anniversary bacchanal

annniversary ticket packages


Thank you

Our mission from our inception has been to merge two of our favorite things in life: Metal and Beer. To base our existence on two niche cultures and try to find the overlap in the Venn diagram has been an exercise in sticking to our guns and diving deep into what our passions are.

Today we announce a package deal that appeals to those of you who fit right in that center sliver of the aforementioned Venn diagram.

This Saturday at noon we will make fifty of these Anniversary Package tickets available at our taproom. Not only will these tickets get you into both nights of our anniversary show, but they will also get you two bottles of two of our upcoming spontaneous beers to be released on June 24th. Those beers are:


A still, young, American spontaneous ale aged on Colorado sweet cherries. 408 bottles being released.


A young American spontaneous ale aged on Colorado peaches. 360 bottles being released.

Tickets, Dates to Remember, Pickup, Etc…

May 26th

Anniversary Package Tickets will go on sale at the taproom. As mentioned, there are 50 of them. Do not lose your ticket, as it is non-refundable and non-replaceable. NO EXCEPTIONS. Be an adult and take care of your things.

Friday, June 22nd

Anniversary Show, Night one at the Hi-Dive featuring Kralllice, Wayfarer, Fórn, and Many Blessings. Individual night one tickets available here.

Saturday, June 23rd

Anniversary Show, Night two at the Hi-Dive featuring Fister, Nothing Positive Only Negative, Worry, Void Eater. Individual night two tickets available here.

Sunday, June 24th

Dual Spon Release

If you have not bought an anniversary ticket

There will be 308 bottles of On the Mountain at Dawn, and 260 bottles of Invisible Thread which will go on sale at our taproom at 11am. Limits are 3 bottles per person of both beers. We will not have carriers or bags available, and will have a limited number of cardboard cases to give away, so please bring along something that may assist you in handling your bottles. We will be opening our garage door and selling the bottles through there while we prep our taproom for its normal 12pm opening time. We kindly ask that you form a line south down Broadway and be respectful of our neighbors.

If I’ve bought an Anniversary Package Ticket, when can I pick up my bottles?

Bottle pickups will be from 11am on June 24th through Wednesday, June 27th at 11pm. Any bottles allocated to Anniversary Package Ticket holders that have not been picked up by this point will be sold on a first come, first serve basis on Thursday, June 28th.

If you’ve bought an Annniversary Package Ticket and want more bottles

The bottles which are not allocated to Anniversary Package Ticket holders will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. If you want an additional bottles of both beers you will need to line up along with the folks that didn’t buy an Anniversary Ticket.

In Conclusion

Thanks to all of your for supporting this insane endeavor over the past six years. We truly can’t thank you all enough, but try our damndest by continuing to give y’all a rad place to hang out and drink killer beer.